Welcome to Expresso Services - Premier Supplier to the Hospitality Industry


Welcome to Australia’s Premier Provider of Supplies to the accommodation industry.

Established in 1987 Expresso Services is a “one-stop-shop” solution for the accommodation industry’s supply needs.

It has three arms to its operations: 

  • Expresso Accommodation Suppliers; wholesalers to the accommodation industry
  • Expresso Interiors; providing custom built solutions for motel furniture
  • Expresso Coffee; coffee importers and wholesalers

Expresso Services has built its reputation through building long-term relationships with its customers.  Our Slogan, “Welcome to Expresso” is about welcoming you to the Expresso family. The logo, a five sided star flying over a road represents our five star personalised service delivered to your door in a prompt and cost efficient manner.

Our values of

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Quality Products
  • Highly Personalised Service
  • Building Long Term Relationships
  • Being Innovative in our Solutions

provides the foundation on which Expresso and its family of clients can build success in business.

If you find it in Motel then we probably stock it.  Why not try the Expresso experience for yourself?